The Wind Has Come

In the wee hours the wind has come and the moon now I look upon again with a little wonder of time… It is actually full on the exact time of the Equinox… I had always assumed that the full moon heralded the Equinox.

So so beautifully stormy, like we are getting a taste of the monsoon season here… It is powerful, dramatic and so gently beautiful in it’s hues… Love listening to the wind as she shakes what will be shaken. And the smell of the Ocean out here, the fragrant air that carries scents of change on the warm current is my nourishment.

2 Responses to “The Wind Has Come”

  1. vincent moore Says:

    recently saw one of your works entitled “hommage to trees”,really beautiful work,full of life and very evocative,spent many hours looking at it and spoke volumnes back to me,well done and keep up the good work,vincent moore

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