Spring Equinox

Walking outside with the near dark, an invitation to live and breathe deeply in is issued. Smells of a stirring earth, bird song in the bushes and the rooks making themselves seen and heard in their dusk dance. Life expressing itself laterally, a oneness in the whole diverse notion that is growth. Scents of spring and it’s energy hit me almost simultaneously, in my mind’s eye arms are horizontally outstretched…I am once again uncovered and basking in the glorious sensation of feeling connected to this movement of growth. This state is saturated with joyful hope, every new fiber and cell brimming with potential. New life readying itself for the big break-out into the world.

I was once in a place where I celebrated these things with quests and visions. Climbing mountains and seeking caves with the metaphysical spirit dwelling deep within the old forest. In the wild the laws are different…with leaf and berry and bird as your witness. The fluency of nature is always louder in nature’s wilder places. It grows, I like to think as our imaginations do, in eloquent chaos. Space for the unknown and the dark to dwell in, as themselves without malice. Opposites in harmony with each other, each true to itself, working together in a dance that balances sustainable life and sustainable thought.

As time continues it’s spiral there are moments that remain an eternal present. Memories that touch upon places in us that have existed far beyond our perishable matter and it’s unfolding science. Our souls bridge the apparent gap that empirical knowledge leaves. Old wisdom built on faith and trust in oneself and one’s path. The ability to connect to other realms in nature, seeking knowledge with a light foot in both worlds. This time of equal light and dark supports the process of finding balance. Time to be nourished by the wisdom of our ancestors.

6 Responses to “Spring Equinox”

  1. Rafal Lukawiecki Says:

    Naomi, this is proufoundly I how I feel when I discover, for myself, the extraordinary fluency of nature, its infinite yet invisible connectedness, and its relationship to artful expression, in the wild, primal places I visit in the deserts and the canyons. Thanks for putting this in your words.

    • Rafal, I find the experience of being human an intense ride when one is open to it. The natural cycles help to ground intensity, making one feel like a very small part in a very big plan x.

  2. Anne Shirley Says:

    Dear Naomi,

    Yes, i understand what you too feel… like being an entity of the cosmic dance that plays with the time as it floats… Wonderful to see and meet people like you.. like reverberating the thoughts that wander in you… Beautiful works… πŸ™‚

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