Oil And Pigment On Canvas

H 71cm X W 111cm

Signed 26th Jan 2017 img_1389FOR BECKY X

The Thousands of Possibilities That Lay Between Us…

Remain Strong And True , Pulsing Reams of Information.

The Lines of code Written Through

A Tapestry Of Our Ways .

Liquid Hearts Always Meeting .

Smiles Born , Truth Shared…

Always Seeking A Higher Existence .

Our Divine Pasts Merging .

We Will Always Be seeking Rainbows Together,

Always Close…





8 Responses to “ALWAYS CLOSE”

  1. Owen O'Flynn Says:

    Cinematic emotion from that wonderful piece!

  2. Mark O'Donoghue Says:


  3. I’ve returned every single day since posting to re-experience your words. Each time I understand a different aspect of your love. What a gift.

  4. Heather Forrest Says:

    I knew I would find you again some day. Your work is amazing and I will come back to Ireland to see it. My memory is of you in the river in Freiburg and in the lightening storm. Love everything about this. Heather

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