It is a beautiful, almost full Autumn Moon… So huge she was as this dusky disc rose into the night sky. I was filled with a wonder that has not left me, it reminded me of who I am at the truth of things. Feeling my kin close and free, they are riding tonight, this fact written in the sky—a clear rider on the clouds, riding a great big mythical creature. Yeats inevitably came to my heart… “We will give you rest far from men. Is there anything better, anything better? Tell us it then!” Mmmmm… The spirit remains immortal and the flesh decays so I soared to Sidhe Beag, Slieve Erin and here I sit once again on Sidhe Mor. All that trust and magic welling up in me, pronouncing it is time to sit with rock and earth and tree on the mountain. My sense of belonging suddenly strikingly full and overflowing! I can feel them all around this night, I feel so loved by them that words do little justice to the deep sense of joy that dwells with me from them, visions beyond description. I see the presence moving with the cloud, my marks lie waiting as I look from home. I knew they would come in time…as the hawthorn grows wild in the garden I knew they would come. Then again maybe I was simply blinded by denial of the present, always living in the future denying the moment, the now! How crazy does that sound! Silly business when I think about it, what a waste…breeding misery along the way.

Cave Dweller

Cave Dweller

2 Responses to “Belonging”

  1. Naomi, I took time to read this post slowly this evening. It is pure poetry! Thank you for writing it so beautifully and for the illustration. I wonder what would it look like with colour, perhaps one day.

    I look forward to your next post.

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