Creative Force

Remembering in torrents of ecstasy as I go into trust and find myself in the middle of all that muck and blood. Creating color with the evidence of what went before on the brush…beginning to embrace the trust of the palette and it is over running me with sheer joy in the act of creation. I am in the same freedom that has been my timeless refuge…a place that my past and future self shall dwell. That messy place where all is possible, sculpting beauty because it is truth. Connecting the eye and the hand with all the potential I know to be waiting just beneath the surface. But the wound must be fresh, so one must feel the discomfort and pain of decision or indecision as the case may be. What lies beneath must be uncovered for our true nature is blindingly vast and exquisite.

The Eternal moment chosen over the disposable now, by whatever means it requires. There is no point in applying logic to this place, there is no order as it is perceived up on the disposable level. My numbers fell away as the color became the more seductive option. But they brought me here and they are the beginning before color takes sway. There is a chance for much growth in the nine intimate one . They are so much like sketches in paint in the way of their working. I am moving through them with freedom now…like a humming bird flitting from delicate beauty to delicate beauty, aware of it’s joy and full of the gratitude of life.

I feel so blessed in this freedom…which comes with much more intensity and frequency, the closer I am to flowing truth the deeper my knowing of it goes. There is still much to remember and much joy to distill! Being fueled by the thoughts of the next layer and it’s alchemy, driving me ever on into the deepened layers of being. On returning to the mundane, it is filled with crystal beauty…love shining like  the precious substance it is…



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