The longest night brings memories of things that were sacred and shared. Ideas racing through my head, bits and pieces of memory, of places, of states of mind and the strength of spirit. My desire to deeply be in expression of this Druidic time of year lulled me to a deep and long sleep. I must laugh at that serious effort to stay awake enough to write, of course it was futile. The velvety dark had one big embrace for me, in the realm of dreams. Now in retrospect I see how poetic it was to sleep with the darkness, surrendering to it. Just as the clouds surrender to the wind moving in the night sky, throwing shapes around the moon.

I am finding more comfort and trust in the dark again, pushing past foreign fears and walls that have no substance. Stepping ever closer to empowerment. Even in the sadness I am beginning to feel again. It drags until it is picked up! Learning to gather up one’s own hungry children seems to be an extension of that feeling. A sadness lingers in the living memory of past experience. And sometimes I feel like I have lost all my tools to rust and decay, so I begin again with my hands. Again the cycle begins, allowing freedom to thrive more and more with the confidence that has been built.

3 Responses to “Solstice”

  1. I’m glad you are feeling better with the solstice upon us. Me too… Hard day with all the cooking and family but it is a moment of passing. From now every day is longer and brings more hope.

  2. Hey girl,
    I am not great at reading long tracts online, so I’ve started with a shortish missive. Your poetic heart is still on your sleeve! articulate, touching and….deeply engaging. Your bravery stretches across all your creative activity. Now, I gotta get reading more!!!! T

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