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Ancestors and Heroes

Posted in Art, Creativity on August 10, 2011 by Naomi Brosnan
Pen Drawing on paper 2011 - 18cm x 20cm - €150 Unframed

Pen Drawing on paper 2011 - 18cm x 20cm - €150 Unframed Available from Artist

Searching for words to heal, to carry truth and reside in a peaceful place, sitting well with themselves; ever moving but centered. Letting go and being aware of all that transpires around you, enjoying the detail without pain of examination and categorization. Back… back to a place where the single drop took president and became a gateway to raw wonder.

A place where instinct becomes the vessel for intellect. The home of moving truth that whispers over the still water, the etched marks on the surface remain for an eternal moment. This happening only one form of an infinite set of truths.

The etched marks on stone, it’s veins and patterns telling a story of ages passing … and still it is but one story in an infinite set of stories.

The trees that have laid in the bog for thousands of years, whispering stories of Ancestors and Heroes alike.The deep rich bog like an earth ocean, holding history in Her flesh. Bog Oak and bog yew have such souls, maybe even parts of us that have come before still present in the wood. These etched lines are deep and subtle, these lines are all about Earth.