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The Singularity

Posted in Art, Self-awareness on January 6, 2016 by Naomi Brosnan

‘The Singularity’ Oil and Pigment on Canvas 91cm(h) x 121cm(w)

Wandering through intellect and memory making a map of my evolution …The emergence from the cave gives innocence a chance to grow anew   and reflect upon things as a whole cycle . Here I lay myself down deeper and deeper into the natural matrix …

Finding a language that encompasses truth all inclusive, seeking the evolution of the marks made and translated to the moments of eternal return. The city heaving and breathing an energy of humanity moving forward , breathing through my roots I accept my place.

Into The Wild

Posted in Art, Self-awareness on September 7, 2015 by Naomi Brosnan


Into the waters and the wild, into the vibrant memory of freedom, Soul dwelling and body breathing. All that I have been still remains … When the water clears those wonderful imperishable moments of pure bliss shine.


Posted in Art, Uncategorized on May 15, 2015 by Naomi Brosnan
For Sale €2,200 120cm x 94cm Oil and Pigment on Canvas

For Sale €1,900
120cm x 94cm
Oil and Pigment on Canvas


The Soul fire that burns bright, the fire that cleanses all the dead wood that has accumulated over many years. When stripped down to the glowing elemental bones all things seem infinite and all things seem bright and new, like the world is being born again.

I remind myself that joy permeates reason and struggle is a necessity for growth.


Posted in Art, Spirituality on October 24, 2013 by Naomi Brosnan
Soul Fragment 121cm x 111cm  Oil and Pigment           2013

Soul Fragment
121cm x 111cm
Oil and Pigment

Energy in motion looks for a way back to the source, a river to the sea, water to air falling back to life. The cycle continues unbroken ever changing, ever renewing oneself in the struggle of growth. The motion of choices being made, promises remembered and seeking truth in the desert fire. Sparks rising on waves of heat, a rhythm, a beating heart and a passionate dance to the stars.

In the purging velvet darkness a silence that salves the aching thinking self, allowed to be nothing in this present moment. Freedom forming a vast vista of unknown yet familiar intent, close to the ocean, mists rising and moving, hands reaching into spirit

Letting go of the empty voices that creep about in the shadows simply doing no good, and letting go of the beautiful light that flows in the freedom of living release. Letting go the love into the world so that it may grow wild. Trusting in my reason for being here, trusting in this soul fragment that I follow…. I am being lead into an unknown yet familiar place.

Moment Of Clarity

Posted in Art, Self-awareness on June 22, 2013 by Naomi Brosnan




I approach again with a need to write …The waves of intellect have crashed on numerous occasions against my will, like the waves that roar with the sheer power of the ocean, white water power. The foam I consider to be the evidence of passion is all but expunged by frivolous over thinking and an ultimate descent into pointlessness. I had deceived myself into thinking that I had nothing constructive to say. There I sat for weeks, head spinning ravenous thoughts around in a spiral , like a pac man munching up all the delicate passion.

My head still spins with forming thoughts holding tension that I must release. The mounting unexpressed minions dragging me to a place where nothing is soft enough or clear enough. The pointlessness dresses my soul in the foulest of rags , and does not even take joy in it’s victory! The odor has grown to a stifling intensity, it acts like a drug that changes my perception… finally I move to open the window. New air has such fragrance that it makes my mouth water , a desire for something other begins to manifest. I find myself naked and clean with a fresh stack of enthused potential.

Maybe now that I have my own permission thoughts may be allowed to crystalize at a natural pace instead of speeding in confinement. The act of writing begins the release of debris, the rattling of chains and the chink of light. The motion of doing has the tendency to quiet the mind, fishing out those core truths. Instead of shooting fish in a barrel one gazes upon the vast open nature that is their habitat. Writing creates room for ideas and their details , slightly apart from the chaos but still connected. The deep multidimensional well of reality is in constant motion, full of the diversity of many mundane acts. The rich and beautiful notion of prayer and altruism. Routine that is gently laid upon the rest of the random mind.

Trickle of Truth

Posted in Art, Self-awareness on November 5, 2011 by Naomi Brosnan

Photograph by Artist

A trickle of truth with the life span of a puddle in the midday sun. The stain remains as a reminder of it’s existence, micro minerals sparkling in an invisible realm. Truth surrounding us in tangible invisibility … is it all about faith?. Believing in the transformative moment, waiting to wake up to the possibility of creating something real. My faith remains hidden in the rich silt, like the distant waterfall in memory of a moment lived. I am pushed to enter into the fray and create new moments or I shall drown in these stagnant waters  of past glories that shackle me. In a strange way they keep me safe and stuck … feeding off the marrow of the carcass that once walked in the wild.

All this talk of freedom makes me pound harder against the glass of containment that has grown up around me. I long to be barefoot again yet I do not remember how to untie these boots. The solutions that once worked are fragile and broken,  rules have eroded and evolved. Looking into the void I see nothing and have no patience to let eyes adjust to the total darkness of what may be. So I shall bind myself to this chair and wait beyond hunger for my eyes to adjust and begin to see glory once more.

All the murmuring expectations will take time to run their course and I do not know if they will ever really be silent, but I hope. With hope there is fertile ground for positivity and for now that is more than enough.

Ancestors and Heroes

Posted in Art, Creativity on August 10, 2011 by Naomi Brosnan
Pen Drawing on paper 2011 - 18cm x 20cm - €150 Unframed

Pen Drawing on paper 2011 - 18cm x 20cm - €150 Unframed Available from Artist

Searching for words to heal, to carry truth and reside in a peaceful place, sitting well with themselves; ever moving but centered. Letting go and being aware of all that transpires around you, enjoying the detail without pain of examination and categorization. Back… back to a place where the single drop took president and became a gateway to raw wonder.

A place where instinct becomes the vessel for intellect. The home of moving truth that whispers over the still water, the etched marks on the surface remain for an eternal moment. This happening only one form of an infinite set of truths.

The etched marks on stone, it’s veins and patterns telling a story of ages passing … and still it is but one story in an infinite set of stories.

The trees that have laid in the bog for thousands of years, whispering stories of Ancestors and Heroes alike.The deep rich bog like an earth ocean, holding history in Her flesh. Bog Oak and bog yew have such souls, maybe even parts of us that have come before still present in the wood. These etched lines are deep and subtle, these lines are all about Earth.

Sea Of Mind

Posted in Art, Self-awareness, Spirituality on June 25, 2011 by Naomi Brosnan
Sea Of Mind - 50cm x 112cm - Oil and Pigment on Linen 2011

'Sea Of Mind' 50cm x 112cm - €1,500 - Unframed Available from Artist

In this sea of mind matter, parts detaching themselves from the embryonic form that is undergoing the change of shedding parts. Movement from the ocean caries the newly freed parts to where they are needed, gives the sense of motion in constant presence…The waters are just a little darker now but the essence of presence remains bright on the dark sea. So it shows me that pain is both unavoidable and intensely beautiful in a visual sense.